All businesses begin with a vision- a dream, big idea, or just a way to do things better or differently. Mood Texas has been at the forefront working with our clients to successfully convert their vision into an experience for their customers and employees. It is our belief that an in-store experience is an emotional force that influences behavior and drives organic growth.


Our team is passionate, creative and committed individuals with technical skill and industry knowledge. Our style is consultative- offering fresh perspective and proven success in designing experiences that allow businesses to communicate with their customers in powerful and productive ways. We are a local, family-owned independent affiliate of Mood Media Corporation with over 50 years of experience serving our local communities.


We help you design and deliver a complete customer experience using the power of Sight, Sound, Scent and Systems. Experience design is the integration of every aspect of the human senses working together in a deliberate and purposeful way to create a dynamic brand image. We combine the power of music, messaging, TV, digital signage, scent, and A/V systems to bring a brand vision to life, connect you with your customers, and drive an undeniable competitive edge.