When it comes to background music for your business, know this…there’s more to creating a music experience than shuffling a playlist of your favorite tunes. That’s why we have music designers around the globe who partner with the world’s leading brands and savvy small businesses. This authentic expertise gives our clients an edge with a potent mix of sound and strategy. Whether you’re looking for affordable background music services or a more customized foreground experience, Mood can create just the right music solution for your business and budget.

It’s all by design. From hits-based programs with broad appeal to evocative retro sounds and unexpected niche genres, our business music solutions are licensed for commercial use and designed by experts who combine an incredible knowledge of music with a deep understanding of brands and consumer experience.

150+ Programs: Less Repetition
Custom Music Built
Designed for Business:Screened Content
100% Commercial Free
Fully Licensed (ASCAP,BMI,SESAC)
Delivered & Updated Seamlessly